The world of finance is like a sea where we can easily get lost. Sometimes the sea is rough and difficult to maneuver without help. The lighthouse helps us in our orientation – warns of obstacles, soothes sailors and passengers, lights on the road. We also want to show you the direction, shine on the road and warn you if necessary.

Professional advice on finance, banking and insurance

  • Economic, Financial and Investment Advisory
  • Creation of Business Plans, Project Management
  • Tenders for the Lender
  • Selection of proven Mortgage Specialist
  • Selection of best and proven Wealth Managers
  • Investment audit, long-term Strategy for Family Wealth
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Alternative Investment Projects
  • Startup Investment Projects
  • Intergeneration transfer of Assets
  • Family Office services
  • Corporate Expanse Reduction
Rober Mocek

Robert Mocek,
RM Advisory founder

While money makes life easier, really big money often complicates life. It was my effort to make life easier for clients with big money that led me to set up a website and a consulting company.