Consulting and Advisory. Connecting People, Projects and Services.

The world of finance is complicated and is full of people, services, projects and investments to avoid. We believe that we can give you the right advice and inspiration. We are looking for interesting projects, choosing paths and possibilities for a more comfortable and successful life.


Economic, Financial and Investment consulting

We will discuss your intentions in the area of ​​family wealth or business, we will discuss with you the possibilities. We will find a solution for your ideas.


Project preparation and Project Management

You need to finance a Real Estate or Corporate Project, change the financing structure of your business. We will prepare a Business and Financial Plan and conduct negotiations with banks. We understand banking language and requirements. We will translate your project into a speech and format acceptable by banks.


Investment audit, long-term strategy for Family Wealth

If you spend a long time investing and spreading the risks into a number of managers and products, you will eventually accumulate risk and go beyond a viable framework. Independent insight removes blindness, which over time will come to almost everyone, including professionals. Investment audit will help you eliminate risks, reduce costs, improve returns and make the investment portfolio more transparent.


Selection of suitable managers of financial assets from banking and non-banking entities

Our professional experience and knowledge of financial markets allows us to have an excellent orientation in the field of asset managers, including non-banking entities. We are able to identify differences in the scope and quality of Private Banking and Asset Management services that are not visible. We participate in negotiations with banks and asset managers and negotiate the best possible parameters for you.

For better orientation in the area of ​​Private Banking, we have created a website “Guide to the world of private banking and Wealth Management”.


Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

You need to cover your activities and assets so that you do not get to see that laboriously built companies with your retirement from active life are gradually dying out and the family cannot agree on the basic principles of company management and wealth distribution. By appropriate structuring, you can set the framework and rules and make life easier for yourself and your family in the future.


Family Office

You want to take advantage of a more stable legal environment or the possibility of structuring assets under a different legislative framework. Family Office services will take care of you comprehensively including taxes, accounting, insurance, legal services and other services. Our partners will take care of you in a comprehensive and quality manner.


Real Estate projects

The Real Estate market is very large and often confusing. We are looking for Real Estate projects that are understandable and transparent with an interesting benefit / risk ratio. Real Estate investments must not be missing in each client’s portfolio, history confirms their stability against other types of assets.


Alternative investments, Ecological and Sustainable investments

Investoři se zejména soustředí na hlavní třídy aktiv jako akcie a dluhopisy, finanční trh však nabízí výrazně větší množství tříd a podtříd aktiv. Alternativní investice přinášejí odlišné chování těchto aktiv za standardních i nestandardních situací oproti akciím a dluhopisům a tím i stabilnější chování celkového finančního majetku klienta.


Startup projects

Investing in startups is a combination of high return and high risk. There are many interesting projects with global potential in the Czech Republic. We are looking for smart projects with global potential.


Corporate cost reduction

Almost every company has reserves in costs, sometimes they are quite significant. In the case of Czech medium-sized companies that do not have their own internal cost-cutting mechanisms, we can help. Independent, specialized company is able to identify the space for savings that you cannot reveal without detailed knowledge of the costs of similar companies.


Insurance by Allianz

Every person, every family and every business needs to ensure the risks that may arise in personal and professional areas. After careful selection, we chose the only insurance partner Allianz, the German insurance company. The main reason for choosing Allianz is its strong position as the 4th largest insurance company in the world, tradition, quality, stability and certainty of performance. The insurance conditions of Allianz are clear and simple, the insurance company is helpful and innovative.